Recruit Krisha

I am a hands on birth doula meaning I will do hip squeezes, counter pressure, squat with you, move with you, help you change positions and actively coach you through your birthing game day with encouraging motivation until your baby crosses your finish line.

My Expectations From You:

• Participate in a full childbirth class
• Create your birth game day plan
• Have open and honest communication about all aspects of your pregnancy and any fears you have for birth.
• Text, call or email me questions you may have at any time and for additional resources.
• Timely payment for my service by 36 weeks. I will go on call for you when your balance is paid in full at 38 weeks.
• A text from you when you think you are in labor so we can discuss my time of arrival. 
• At least a 2 hour notice before you would like me to arrive for your labor so I can settle my family while I will be away and travel to your destination.

My Do Nots Because It Is Not My Expertise:

As your birth doula there are some aspects of the birthing process I am not educated or qualified to perform while you are in labor:

• I do not perform clinical tasks.
• I do not do vaginal examinations.
• I do not listen to your baby’s heart rate.
• I do not take your blood pressure or temperature.
• I do not make decisions for you on what procedures you should or should not have.
• I do not deliver your baby.

***My job is to educate you and your partner so you both can make educated decisions about your birth and your baby. This is your birthing experience. I will support you in whatever decisions you make on your birthing game day. Healthy mommy, healthy baby, LABOR ON!


Client Vaginal Births



Years Married


Doula Krisha Stats

  • Hometown: Pflugerville, Texas
  • Relationship: Married 27 years to the love of my life, Rob
  • Adult Children: 1 boy, 1 girl “big babies” born vaginally
  • Pets: 1 Yorkie named Mobius
  • Life’s Passion: To help others
  • Attitude: Positive, encouraging, empowering, inspiring, happy, passionate, caring, confident
  • Likes: Breakfast dates with my love, natural toxin free living, vegetarian life, essential oils, educating myself, spending time with my family, being athletic with my kids, fishing, scrapbooking, jigsaw puzzles, shopping with my beauty, decorating cakes, training for camp gladiator games
  • Dislike: Snakes, snakes, snakes, oh! did I mention snakes?!
  • Location: Kennedale, Texas
  • Religion: Volunteer Minister for the Church of Scientology
  • Elite Athlete: Division 1 volleyball scholarship athlete, Olympic volleyball hopeful, doubles beach volleyball player, 5K/10K runner, Camp Gladiator (CG) camper
  • School Education: Bachelor of Science in Biology from Southwest Texas State University

Doula Training & Education

DONA International Certifying Training
Birth Boot Camp Doula Certifying Training
DONA TENS Unit Certifying Workshop
Nick Olow Acupressure for Pregnancy & Labor Certifying Workshop
Spinning Babies Certifying Workshop
CAPPA Lactation Education Workshop
Birth Arts International Aromatherapy for Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum
Birth Blessings Childbirth Educator Training
Birth Blessings Belly Binding Training
Mamastefit Birth Worker Course
Mamaste Fit Prenatal and Postpartum Fitness Trainer Certification Course

“If you’re looking for a natural birth experience, 10/10 would recommend working with Krisha in any capacity available to you. My hubby and I felt aligned and at peace with Krisha instantly and knew we would make a great team in our birthing process. She is worth her weight (and then some) in gold! I was intentional with the exercises and suggestions she gave us, and we were thrilled to have a smooth (and fast) labor and delivery of our first baby. She is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced in her field, and we will certainly work with her again with future births. ❤️” 

Courney B.

“We chose to have a natural home birth early into our pregnancy and we loved to follow Krisha’s 101 very helpful videos. We decided to hire her as our personal Doula for the “Birth DAY” and let me tell you, we do not regret it at all. We are very grateful for her presence, her help and everything she taught us for the “DAY”!

Krisha trained us for the “birth day” at 36 weeks. She also did a few home visits the weeks following the training to check on us and helped with the exercises we learned as needed. When “BIRTH DAY” finally arrived; she was very quick to answer her phone and gave us advice on what to do before her arrival. I was able to move through the house doing the exercises she taught us, which were helping reducing the contraction pains. From rocking back and forth on my knees, to being in the shower on my yoga ball, I kept moving like she suggested, and Baby girl was moving down my pelvis quickly.

My contractions got stronger and stronger very quickly as my labor was progressing. Krisha arrived just in time to our house to help me with laboring, moving me in positions that would help with an easier birth and massaging my lower back, putting pressure during the contractions. I would be lying to say labor wasn’t painful, especially towards the end, but I knew I could do it. I was trained for it! I had a wonderful team with me ready to help me give birth to my daughter.

Our beautiful daughter was born on September 4 at 6h29am without Epidural at home in the most comfortable setting. We can’t thank Krisha enough for all her help!

This home birth experience will always be memorable and we will definitely use her when we are ready for child #2″

First Time Mom
Dallas, Texas

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