1. If someone trains you to do something, they teach you the skills that you need in order to do it. If you train to do something, you learn the skills that you need in order to do it. -Collins Dictionary
  2. To prepare someone or be prepared for a job, activity or sport by learning skills or by mental or physical activities. -Cambridge Dictionary

All my life I have trained for everything I do. If I want to learn something, be competent about something or compete as an athlete; I train. I have trained for my different jobs in the past, I have trained for multiple competitive athletic competitions in various sports, I have trained to be a doula, I have trained in having a great marriage, trained in my religious views to name a few. There is always an opportunity in life to train for something. I want to learn the skills to make me more able in my life at whatever I desire to do.

One day it hits me. TRAIN FOR BIRTH!! Why can’t couples train for their birth game day? They can train to endure birth physically. They can train to endure birth mentally.  I can train expecting couples for birth!!

Birth is compared to a running a marathon.  There is a starting line, lots of energy is used physically/mentally and there is a finish line. I had a friend tell me she has no idea what running a marathon means when compared to birth, because she has never worked out a day in her life.  That thought has never crossed my mind that someone may not know what an athletic sport feels like.  How exhausting physically and mentally it can be. I have done athlete all my life, running a marathon makes perfect since to me. She got my wheels turning…

I came up with a train for birth program that anyone can do. Whether you have never exercised a day in your life or you are a competitive athlete you can train for birth. It is simple exercises, stretching, relaxing and mental focus one practices preparing for their birth game day. There is a tremendous amount of information about pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum and baby out there. Learn what there is to know so you can make the best educated decisions about your body, your birth and your baby.

My doula clients train for birth. Birth is very physical and very mental. I have come up with a training program my doula clients practice the last month of pregnancy almost daily. The results have been astounding! They are able to endure the phases and stages of labor easier and in a much shorter time period. Most of my doula clients are first time moms having a home or birth center birthing experience. The onset of active labor to crossing their finish line with their baby in their arms have been a few short hours.

You have an amazing opportunity coming to Arlington, Texas, June 8th, Train for 10 Centimeters. A full Saturday with professional birth trainers training you on your birth and postpartum options in the state of Texas. The morning session we will train for birth. Break for lunch, YES we will feed you! The afternoon session will train for postpartum.  Wear comfortable shoes and comfortable clothing because you will be doing some light physical movement and stretching throughout the event.

Very educational day for you and your partner. Swag bags with special training gear will be provided for all the mommas that attend AND we have sponsors that will be donating gift baskets and prizes for us to give away during the event.

There is no other training day event for birth like this one!! You will not be sitting in a chair all day just listening.  You will be training, practicing, moving, stretching, asking questions and being interactive.  I want you take home with you the skills you need to continue your training routine until you cross your finish line holding your baby in your arms.  I literally can’t wait!!

More event details and register:

Make the commitment to better your birthing experience today! This event will sell out! If you are already expecting or you are planning to start a family, this event is for you!!  I really would like to see you there training for your birth game day.  Remember in birth you don’t get rematches.  Make it the best game day of your life!! You will be talking about it for the rest of your life!!

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Healthy Mommy, Healthy Baby, Labor On!

Krisha Crosley CD(DONA), BBCD