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My doula the volleyball player has turned into doula the soccer player all in the same season. Last year the high school soccer coach attended one of my daughter’s volleyball games.  The next day he stopped her in the hallway at school and asked her to come be his goalie. He wanted her to help protect his goal, be part of his soccer team and be part of his soccer game plan.  My daughter hasn’t played soccer since she was 6 years old; now its 10 years later and her impetus is she would get to play 1 year with her first cousin.  She played backup goalie, learning curve year and allowed NO goals in the few games she played.

A year later, she is a senior, lead varsity goalie and juggling competitive club volleyball all at the same time. She takes her goalie job seriously! It is her job to protect the goal. She literally does what is takes…kicks, screams, dives, throws, cheers, sacrifices her body, etc to provide the protection for her goal from the ball entering her guarded space.  She practices, educates herself on her goalie rights, plans and prepares herself for her game day.

Are you prepared for your birth game day?  Have you planned, practiced, educated, recruited your birth team and prepared yourself for your one of the most life changing events of your life? Having the knowledge, a plan and very supportive team will help you achieve a better birthing experience.  Doulas are really amazing at helping you protect your rights as a birthing momma.  They will help you create a birth game plan, teach you to advocate yourself for that plan and support your plan. We are trained in the process of birth and can provide the emotional, mental and physical comfort measure support needed for you to labor your baby to your arms.

You can be proactive like the soccer coach was with recruiting my daughter to his team.  He saw a kid that he wanted to be part of his soccer team and could help him achieve his plan for a great soccer season and future.  My daughter educates herself, practices, has a plan and protects her goalie rights each game day.  Learn how you can protect your birth rights! More knowledge you have about a subject the better decisions you can make about that subject.

I really want you to have the best birthing experience you deserve.  Know your birth rights! Protect your birth rights! Recruit a doula that will help you protect and support your birth rights! My passion lies with first time moms and women with a heart of an athlete who desire a home or birth center birthing experience. I am available for recruitment to your birth team for during select months of the year.

Healthy Mommy, Health Baby, Labor On!

Krisha Crosley CD(DONA), BBCD

Serenity Life Doula