Love when my Doula clients inspire me to write a blog to educate other mommas! I was called in at the wee hours of the night to her home birth.  Her birthing environment was very peacefully and quiet.  She was so comfortable in the comfort of her own home and labored wherever she desired.

At one point her labor stalled, contractions were not getting any closer together or growing in intensity and she was having severe pubic bone pain.  As she rested a bit in between contractions, I scrolled through Gail Tully’s, Spinning Babies website; I read this quote from her website under the topic Technique for Pelvic Pain:

“Fetal malpositions often begins with an imbalance in the mother’s pelvis. Often, so does pain in the hips, tailbone, pubic bone, round ligaments and SI joints. Treating the cause of the pain often solves the fetal malposition as well, since then baby can often slip into an improved, or even optimal, fetal position.” –Gail Tully

I kept thinking to myself her pelvis is like a jigsaw puzzle. I LOVE solving jigsaw puzzles!!  Her body and the baby’s body will align, fit together like a jigsaw puzzle and labor will progress. We had to fix the imbalance in her pelvis! I sat her on a birth ball and as she contracted I moved her legs around until the pubic pain decreased, then held it. After finding the correct angle and improving the imbalance in her pelvis, I had her labor in a lunge position that increased optimal fetal position and restored balance in her pelvis.  Then her contractions picked up with intensity!  She was no longer stalling!!  Not to long after that, her midwives arrived and she was holding her baby.

This was the first time I was able to put together a pelvis jigsaw puzzle with this technique.  It didn’t take very long at all and her labor was rockin’and rollin’. This momma also saw a prenatal chiropractor during her pregnancy and after birth.  She was able to tell me what imbalance her chiropractor was restoring with her adjustments.  This information really helped me solve the jigsaw puzzle with this mom’s pelvis to birth her baby.  Unfortunately, we did not have her chiropractor at her birth, I am not trained in chiropractic care, so we tried a different technique.  I went about restoring her pelvic balance a different way with comfort measures. The technique I used really made it real to me when you restore the balance in the pelvis, baby moves into an optimal birthing position, labor intensity kicks in, and a baby is born shortly afterwards!!

Interested in labor comfort measure techniques or how chiropractic care can improve your birthing experience?  Like to learn more about birthing at home?  Thursday, February 16, 2017, I will be hosting a BIRTH OPTIONS event with home birth midwife, Traci Santangelo, 6:30-8:30pm at Active Wellness Center in Arlington, Texas.  Whether you are thinking about starting a family, newly pregnant or almost ready to give birth, come hear about all your BIRTH OPTIONS, for a healthy, happy birthing experience.

I offer FREE meet and greets to learn more about my birth Doula services in the Fort Worth/Dallas, Arlington, Mansfield, Texas and surrounding areas.  My Doula passion is to support first time moms and women with a heart of an athlete who desire a home or birth center birthing experience.  I will be accepting birthing families in May, June, August, September, October, November and December 2017.

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