A woman’s body is created to birth her baby.  After witnessing the birth of 23 babies over the last 3 years, each and every time I am purely amazed!!  A woman’s body and her baby work together in unison from the start of pregnancy and beyond.

Your body has the ability to birth your baby nothing but natural. First of all, you have to believe your body does have the ability to have a natural birth.  Second, educate yourself on everything that has to do with birth by reading books, taking a childbirth education class and doing your research. Third, find a birth team and a birth environment that will support you for the birth you desire. Lastly, let your body do what it is created to do, birth your baby.

As a birth Doula, I love to empower and inspire women to give birth as natural as possible.  I specialize in natural childbirth; love to work with first time moms and women with the heart of an athlete who desire a home or birth center birthing experience.

A woman’s body is an amazing creation.  Her body knows how to conceive a baby, how to grow a baby and how to have a baby in most cases.  As a birth Doula, I help educate birthing couples on childbirth so they can make the best educated decisions for their birth and their baby.  The likely hood of you having a nothing but natural birth, greatly increases with a birth Doula by your side.

If you have the willingness, desire and determination to have an all-natural birth, find a supportive birth team that will align with your birthing goals and go for it!!

Thursday, February 16, 2017, I will be hosting a BIRTH OPTIONS event with home birth midwife, Traci Santangelo CNM, 6:30-8:30pm at Active Wellness Center in Arlington, Texas.  Whether you are thinking about starting a family, newly pregnant or almost ready to give birth, come hear about all your BIRTH OPTIONS, for a healthy, happy birthing experience. BIRTH OPTIONS event details here:

I offer FREE meet and greets to learn more about my birth Doula services in the Fort Worth/Dallas, Texas and surrounding areas.  My Doula passion lies with first time moms and women with the heart of an athlete that desire a home or birth center birthing experience.  I will be accepting birthing families in February, May, June, August, September, October, November and December in 2017.

Healthy Mommy, Healthy Baby, LABOR ON!!

Krisha Crosley CD(DONA), BBCD

Serenity Life Doula


photo by Robbins Nest Photography

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