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am pretty sure no pregnant momma wishes to have a traumatic birth experience.  I have heard my fair share of traumatic birth stories through my life, I really wish a traumatic birth experience on no one.  ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network) states the cesarean rate for the United States is 35.2% and the mother/infant mortality rates are increasing throughout the US, one of eight wealthiest countries in the world according to CNN.  If you have had a traumatic birth experience and would like to change your experience for your next birth or you are going to be a first time mom, this blog is for you.  Here are 5 ways to avoid a traumatic birth experience:

1. Birthing Environment

When choosing where you are going to have your baby, make sure you choose an environment that you will be comfortable in, that is relaxing to you and you won’t be worried about being in that environment while you are birthing your baby.  Whether you choose a home birth, birth center birth or hospital birth pick the best location that will work for you and your baby.

2. Healthcare Provider

Interview several healthcare providers until you find one that you click with.  You want to be totally comfortable and relaxed with your OB or midwife.  Ask questions, get to know them, see if they can share your viewpoint on the birth you desire.  This is the person that will be present and by your side to help you birth your baby.  Pick the health care provider you feel will honor your birth plan wishes, help educate you and keep your pregnancy on track to a healthy, happy childbirth experience without unnecessary intervention.

3. Childbirth Education

Education is the key to having a successful birthing experience.  I highly recommend taking a thorough childbirth class!! Childbirth education class options are Lamaze, Bradley Method, Birth Boot Camp, just to name a few.  Educating yourself on the birthing process helps you plan for your birth, prepare you/your partner for your birth and gives you the knowledge and expectations through the stages of the birthing process. My birth Doula clients that take a thorough childbirth education class, have a wonderful birthing experience because they were simply educated.

4. Exercise and Nutrition

Keeping your body healthy through your pregnancy will assist you in having a happy, healthy baby. Light exercise like walking, yoga and stretching, help prepare your body for labor.  Drinking water, eating protein and veggies help keep your body growing a healthy baby. I know sugar and fast foods are oh so yummy, but not the best thing to have in your pregnancy diet.

5. Hire a Birth Doula!

Studies in the past have shown that mommas’ fare best with her birth partner and a birth Doula by her side during childbirth. Hire a birth Doula!! All my clients state “I could not have done it without you!” As your birth Doula, I will educate you about the birthing process, help you prepare for your birth, support you fully through your birthing process, help establish breastfeeding and help you transition into your new family dynamic with postpartum support.  I offer several options to help you prepare for you birth such as birth planning session, comfort measures session, private childbirth education sessions, birth Doula service, postpartum breastfeeding support and tips on parenting.  Go to for more information about my birth Doulas services. If you are a first time mom, VBAC or have a heart of an athlete who desires to birth at home or birth center contact me to book your birth Doula service.  I would love to help you avoid a traumatic birth experience and bring your healthy, happy baby earth side into your loving arms.

It’s your body, your birth, your baby!  Educate yourself on how to speak up for the birth you desire. I wish you the best birthing experience you can possible have without unnecessary interventions. Giving birth is an exciting, life changing event.  Be prepared!! You will talk about this day for the rest of your life!! Contact me today to book your Serenity Life Doula service today!!

Krisha Crosley CD(DONA), BBCD

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