Recently as a birth Doula I have noticed that the baby’s position is not ideal for birth, such as transverse (lying sideways in uterus), breech (babys bottom is down) or being posterior (baby facing forward).  This isn’t the case for all babies, but it does seem baby’s position is not ideal for delivery and labor has been taking more time than actually needed.  Here are a few pointers for pregnancy to help with ideal positioning for baby:

1. Keep your hips moving.  You can sit on a birth ball or stand and move your hips in a circular motion to help move baby into the prime position for birth.  At 32 weeks, baby’s head should be down.  Adding hip movements to your every day routine is ideal.  This also great practice for movement while in labor.

2. If you have a job that requires you to sit at a desk for 6-8 hours a day, make sure you are not leaning backwards during pregnancy. Leaning backwards can cause the baby to get into a posterior position, baby’s back snuggles up against your spine for comfort.  Open up your legs, let you belly hang between your legs and lean slightly forward.  This opens you pelvis area for baby to help baby be in the ideal position. Ask for a chair that has no arms on it so you can open up your legs or ask to sit on a birth ball at your desk. It is helpfully to get up and walk around many times through out the day to change your position.

3. If an ultrasound or health care provider exam lets you know your baby is not in the ideal birthing position you can also lay on the ground with your bottom higher off the ground than your shoulders.  Place some pillows under your bottom while your upper back and shoulders remain on the floor.  Lie in this position 10-15 minutes a day or as long as you can comfortably stand it.  This allows more room for baby to turn around or move into a great birthing position.

The above are just a few exercises you can do during pregnancy to encourage your baby to be in the best position possible for birth.  Having a correctly aligned baby in your pelvis will allow optimal pressure on your cervix to dilate and thin quickly for a faster progressing labor. This will bring about an easier labor for you and your baby!

Hiring a birth Doula can really help you these techniques.  She can help you be accountable and provide you resources to help you achieve your ideal birth plan.  I highly recommend looking into hiring a birth Doula.  Set up several interviews so you can find the best birth Doula for you. As you go through labor, your birth Doula will support you and help you make sure your baby is in the best position possible for your birthing experience.

Krisha Crosley CD(DONA), BBCD

Serenity Life Doula