I have met this young, vibrate mother of 5, yes mother of 5, all naturally birthed I might add, through volleyball.  Our 14 year old daughters play on the same volleyball club team this year.  Since she has experienced natural birth 5 time,s we talk birth, Doula and other mommy stuff.  She truly understands the concept of labor support while birthing.  Anyway, while she runs her 5 children around to all their sporting events she finds time to write a blog called “Can I Get An Amen?”  She shared it with me and it hit home as a mother.  It was nice to be reminded there are others out there that share the same experience in child rearing that you do.  As a mother and a birth Doula,  I find it important to connect up with people that are like minded and understand the same life’s challenges you face on a day to day basis.  I really wanted to share her blog with you.  Check it out, you just might be able to relate to what she’s got going on in her life. wwwkaiiahjames.wordpress.com Oh, if you see this momma out in the real world, give her an “Amen” for having the knowledge to let her body do what it knows best, birth her babies earthside with nothing but natural.

Thank you Kai’iah for sharing your life’s journey with us!

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