The last couple of weeks I have attended a local breastfeeding support group, For Baby’s Sake, with 3 other birth Doulas.  Wow! I could have really used a support group like this when my little ones were breastfeeding.  They have 2 meeting locations every Tuesday night at 7pm, one in Hurst, Tx and the other South Arlington, Tx.  Each meeting is ran by IBCLCs and babies under 12 months are welcome to come to the meeting with mom.  The moms go around the room introduce themselves and their baby, what their joy is and any difficulty they may be experiencing.  A wide variety of topics are covered like, chiropractic care, latching issues, craniosacral therapy, food allergies, muscle testing, tongue/lip tie, sleeping, etc.  Some moms have experienced some of these issues with their baby and share their references/experience with getting through the difficulty with the other moms.  It was really nice to see breastfeeding moms come together to bond over something so beneficial and nurturing for their babies.

As a birth Doula, I found this group very educational, extremely supportive and learned some new breastfeeding tips to pass along to my clients.  I highly recommend For Baby’s Sake group meetings to my Doula clients and any nursing mom. It is good to hang out with moms that have similar viewpoints as your own to keep you moving along your goals for yourself and baby. I encourage you to stop struggling by yourself at home and come meet up with this breastfeeding mom group!  It will be nice just to get out of the house.  You might learn a few helpful tips and meet some other mommies for future play dates!

Krisha Crosley CD(DONA)
Serenity Life Doula