My husband took me out for a Valentine’s breakfast at Old West Cafe in Arlington,  our favorite breakfast joint.  I showed his this FB pic I found…

birth doula

We giggled together. My husband’s birthday is November 14th.  In all the time we have been together, 22.5 years, we never made the connection.  We sent a text to his parents jokingly saying we know what y’all were doing on the Valentine’s day before he was born and I thanked them for having my husband.  Moral of the story…Make Love today, EDD November 14th or somewhere around there.  In a few weeks your pregnancy test comes out positive, Hire your favorite Birth Doula!  I would like to be a busy Birth Doula in November watching all these heat of the moment love babies coming earth side!

Krisha Crosley

Serenity Life Doula