I have grown up with chiropractic care, as well as, received chiropractic care through out both of my pregnancies.  My husband and I have used chiropractic with both of the kids since they were newborns.  This type of care totally amazes me how the body can be ailing or you may just not feel right, get an adjustment and things go back to normal.  Chiropractic care can help handle those aches, pains and discomforts you may be experiencing through your pregnancy.  Having received chiropractic care through your pregnancy can lead to a healthier pregnancy, healthier birth and a healthier baby.  Once your baby arrives there are chiropractors who are certified in pediatric chiropractic care.  After your baby’s journey to earth side, he or she may have experienced a subluxation going through birth.  This may lead to breastfeeding problems, sleeping issues or discomforts for the little one.

Dr. Kenyon Godwin, DC, has 3 daughters, cared for his wife through her pregnancy and received the Best Chiropractor Award in Arlington, Tx for 2014.  Dr. Godwin has cared for dozens of  pregnant women. They have given positive feedback that his care made their pregnancy more comfortable, birth less painful and produced a positive, healthy birth outcome.   We is certified in Webster technique, which helps turn a breech baby.  He has successfully turned babies multiple times and those mommas had a vaginal birth outcome.   In his experience, the moms that received chiropractic care during pregnancy have had very positive birth outcome and healthy babies. Also, Dr. Godwin is certified in chiropractic care for pediatrics. The momma’s he cared for during pregnancy, bring their newborns to see him and start their healthy life care.  He can overall care for your entire family, helping all live a healthier, happier, energetic well balance life. Dr. Godwin can be reached at www.txwellnessdoc.com or 817-557-2770, located in Arlington, Tx.

As a birth Doula, I have seen first hand how chiropractic care aids in a successful healthy delivery. Sometimes laboring momma’s need an adjustment during labor to move things along if labor has stalled or baby being malpositioned.  Soon after baby arrives earth side the chiropractor will give the new baby his/her first adjustment.  This birth Doula highly recommends chiropractic care during pregnancy, during labor if need be and helping the new little life settle into his new body.

Krisha Crosley CD(DONA)

Serenity Life Doula