What is a peanut birth ball?  It is a birth ball in the shape of a peanut.  These types of laboring balls are becoming more and more common to help moms labor. I just read an article in my DONA International issue that states there has been recent studies were  moms in labor that use a peanut birth ball reduced the amount of time in 1st or 2nd stages of labor.  If there was a safe tool you could use that would reduce the amount of time you could be in labor, would you use it?

Whether you are going all natural or getting an epidural, the peanut birth ball can help your body labor.  They are great for laboring on to find your rhythm with movement or splitting your legs apart to open your pelvic region to give baby more room to descend into the birth canal.   The 2 hospital births I attended recently, the hospital had peanut balls available for the laboring moms.  Both of the moms found this tool to be relieving during contractions.  As a birth Doula, I encourage my clients to use a birth ball during their labor.  Ask your birthing facility if they will provide a peanut birth ball to help with your birthing experience.

Krisha Crosley CD(DONA)

Serenity Life Doula