I am now a Certified DONA (Doulas of North America) Birth Doula!!!!! It has truly been one of the best experiences of my life.  I did my Doula training back in September of 2013 with an amazing instructor and a wonderful Doulas, whom became my friends and Doula sisters. We did an intense 4 days worth of  training sessions, early morning until evening.  In that amount of time we took a breastfeeding class, childbirth class and Doula training class.  Their was a lot of hands on training for comfort measures as well as critical thinking exercises. Leaving the training I left very well educated and now needed to go out to learn more from actual experience. January to September I experienced 8 births.  January birth, I was invited by a seasoned Doula to come shadow her for one of her clients births.  This Doula and her client let me be hands on.  I had the privilege to watch this Doula do her thing as well as help the laboring momma earn her successful VBAC! February through September, I had 7 clients of my own that I helped Doula their little ones earth side.  I experienced my first natural hospital birth, my second VBAC, by first birth center/water birth, my first home birth to transport to natural birth in hospital, my first induction and I was able to observe my first gentle caesarian.  WOW at lot of firsts in 8 months! Totaling 5 boys and 3 girls, all breastfed babies. The month of October, I spent writing up my births and making sure I had all the necessary paperwork completed.  I mailed off my certification package that same month.  As I waited for a response, I continued to grow my Doula business and took on more clients.  January 15, 2015, I received the phone call from the DONA committee member that was reviewing my certification package.  We talked a bit, she asked me a few questions and then she said “Congratulations Krisha, I am certifying you as a DONA Birth Doula!” I was super excited and a relieved that I finally achieved my Doula goals!!! Now here I am, a certified DONA Birth Doula, doing what I love best…educating to be mom and dads on the process of child birth, nurturing them as they go through one of the most life impacting moments of their life and helping them expand on their family dynamic. I look forward to making your child birth experience ideal and a joyful experience to share with others for a lifetime.

Krisha Crosley CD(DONA)

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