I just completed my first full year of being a birth Doula! Whoop!  What a year!!! I started out 2014 with the opportunity to shadow a wonderful Doula and assist her in a successful VBAC.  A month later, I step in as a backup Doula helping this momma achieve her successful VBAC. I had my first birth center/water birth, my smallest baby, a boy, 6lbs 4ozs and helped a momma labor for a home birth up until the near end. This past summer I helped a first time couple with a breastfeeding consultation. In September, I had the privilege of watching my first gentle Casearian, my biggest baby, a boy, 11 lbs, 8 ozs.   My longest labor I attended this year was 43 hrs and the shortest was 4 hrs, both 1st time moms.  Totaling 8 healthy, breastfeed babies, 5 boys and 3 girls. I reached out to make many connections this year with midwives, obs, chiropractors, child birth educators, birth networks, mom groups and other Doulas’.  I was invited to start giving Doula talks at Mansfield Methodist hospital during their childbirth classes.  I very much enjoy demonstrating comfort measures, educating first time to be parents on the stages of labor  and how a Doula can help them achieve the birth they desire to have.  Along educating others, I as well continued my education as a Doula by certifying in the TENS unit, Acupressure and CPR.

In October, I finished up all my certification paperwork and submitted it to DONA. I am eagerly awaiting my approved DONA Birth Doula Certification. I really appreciate and would like to thank all my clients for selecting me as their Doula and helping me achieve my certification!!! I have had the opportunity to meet some wonderful people being a Doula.  I look forward to meeting my future clients and their little ones.

I am accepting new clients for 2015.  Wishing you a happy, healthy, prosperous New Year!!!

Serenity Life Doula

Krisha Crosley