This past weekend I was able to view my first cesarean and it was gentle.  This momma work hard with start and stop contractions for 8 days.  The doctor and midwives emphatically went over the procedure with my client and her husband.  The decision was not an easy one, because my client was attempting a VBAC.  Once the my clients got their wits around another cesarean, the entire birth team was allowed into the OR to view the procedure.  The procedure started…once it was time for the baby to be delivered, the curtain was let down, dad helped mom lean up so they could witness the birth of their second child together.  The delivery was done with the doctors hands, not forceps.  Baby was laid on mom’s chest immediately with skin to skin contact and delayed cord clamping.  A surprise baby boy came earthside, weighing in at 11lbs 8ozs!  WOW!!!  Witnessing such a beautiful moment with this family was priceless!

Krisha Crosley

Serenity Life Doula