Want to keep your partner for life? DATE NIGHT is a MUST!!! It is important in a marriage to keep the flames burning, the romance hot and heavy and the love brewing at all times.  When 2 people introduced kids into their lives, the attention gets shifted from the 2 of them to the kids.  Its all about the kids all the time.  The romance and love decreases between the 2 of you and can eventually fall completely out. My husband and I have been married for 18 years and have had kids for over 15 years now.  We have had a “date night” at least once a week.  Your “date night” can be a breakfast date, a lunch date, an afternoon date, etc. It is what ever the 2 of you make it.  You can go out, you can stay in, it can be 30 mins or a full weekend, just make sure you have a sitter for the kids so you have some uninterrupted time together. This has been a very successful action for my marriage, as well as, other couples.  Try it once, you will be hooked because the love and romance between the 2 of you will strengthen exponentially!

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