Labor pains can vary a great deal from woman to woman. A baby that is posterior can add intense back labor pain on top of normal labor pains. A wide variety of other physical symptoms can also turn on while in labor such as, nausea, feeling hot and cold, tiredness, aching legs, pubic pain, cramps, muscle tension, etc.  Mental emotions such as fear and anxiety can add to the labor pains as well.  It is important for each mother to be and partner to educate themselves on how to cope through labor.  Educating yourself is simple, read books on the stages of labor, hire a Doula to help educate you and take birthing classes, like birth boot camp. Going into labor educated, will give you strength and awareness of what comes next as  you go along through labor.  There are also different techniques that can be used to help a woman through labor.  There is no guarantee to remove all the pain, but will give you the opportunity stay on top of your contractions and birth your baby naturally.  A Doula can help educate you and your partner on comfort measures, essential oils, acupressure, TENS, Rebozo, etc to help reduced the labor pains.  She will also support your decisions to achieve your ideal birth plan.  When you make that decision to birth your baby naturally, find a support team that is like minded. This will greatly increase your chance of achieving your ideal birth plan!

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