When 2 people decide to create a child, their pathway for life changes significantly.  It becomes 2 people doing whatever it takes to take care of another person.  They do what it takes with sleepless nights, meals being skipped, passing on entertainment with friends, the house constantly being a wreck, laundry piled up, lack of date nights, etc.  Parents sacrifice a lot to create the family they want to create.  As the time passes on, your love for your child will increase tremendously.  You are so proud when they take their first steps, say their first words, share with another child, walk through the doors of their first school, perform in their first program, pass their first test, make new friends, play their first sport, help another in need, graduate from high school, graduate from college, marry their spouse and create their first child.  Your love for them never ends.  Be proud, you created that beautiful child.  Hug your babies tight, kiss them countless each day, enjoy ever moment you can.  Remember, you and your partner created that child.  It was the 2 of you before they were born, it is the 2 of you rearing the child and it will be the 2 of you after the child moves away to start a new life on their own.  Hug your partner tight, kiss your partner endlessly each day.  It starts with the 2 of you and will end with the 2 of you.  Create your family, be happy, loving, have fun and be brilliant! XOXO

Serenity Life Doula

Birth Doula