Are you strengthening your pelvic floor?  I just attended an seminar given by the Tarrant County Birth Network, presented by Marie Warner, a Board Certified Women’s Health Therapist located here in the DFW area. She said the magic number for Kegels each day is 80!  You can do a combination of quick squeeze relax, repeat or 10 second holds.  You can do Kegels at any point during the day and no one knows you are doing them.  Easy to fit in while sitting at a red light, talking on the phone, waiting to pick your kid up from school, etc.  Squats are recommended as well, but Kegels are the easy way out. Having a strong pelvic floor can prevent women from having bladder leakage issues or prolapsed uterus at an older age.  Kegels all the way!  Keep Kegeling!