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My name is Krisha Crosley, I am Serenity Life Doula. My passion lies with first time moms and women with a heart of an athlete who desire a home or birth center birthing experience.


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In person and virtual training is available for expecting mothers and their partners who desire a natural birth experience.

What is a doula?

Doula is a Greek word that means woman caregiver. A birth doula is best described as a woman who is educated in the stages and phases of the birthing process and provides resources to the expecting parents so they can make educated decisions for their birth and baby. Birth doulas also provide…


First Step: Schedule a recruiting interview with me to see if we are a good birth team fit. My passion lies with first time moms and women with a heart of an athlete who desire a home or birth center birthing experience.

Training & Mentoring

Take your doula skill set to the next level with our workshops or one-on-one mentoring.


I am a natural birth coach/trainer, childbirth educator, lactation educator, belly binding special and essential oil educator. I am also the head professional trainer for my Train for Birth workshop. My goal is to educate you on your birth game day play options so you can make knowledgeable decisions about your body, your birth and your baby, to help coach you through your ideal birth game plan to bring your baby across your finish line into your arms with breastfeeding support and transition into your new family dynamic.

“Krisha is amazing! She was my virtual doula during my pregnancy and for the birth of my son a little over a week ago. She has a wealth of knowledge in preparing for labor and delivery that I felt very empowered. Her “Train for birth” program really helped me to attain the strength I needed for getting through labor and to the point where my baby was out and in my arms. My baby was actually in the breech position but with Krisha’s training and guidance through my labor, my midwife and Home Birth Obstetrician, I gave birth NATURALLY to a healthy boy.

She was on the speaker phone with my husband and I for over three hours the night before the birth. She was guiding me through different positions to do through contractions to get the baby lower into my pelvis. It seemed like she always had a solution to anything that would come up. And the next day after a lull in my labor, my water broke and I delivered my son just an hour later! Heavy labor and delivery took just ONE HOUR!!! I know that my training with Krisha, starting at 34 weeks, played a vital role in making that whole process so fast!

I cannot thank her enough for helping to “get me to the finish line” with my baby in my arms! I am so grateful 💗”

“Krisha is absolutely amazing. I don’t have enough words to describe how grateful I am to have had her through my home birth as a first time mom. Had it not been for krisha, “the no-tap”, doula I would not have been able to have my son at home. There were a lot of unexpected challenges in my labor. I was part of that 10% of women whose water breaks early. What I expected to be a quick intense labor, turned into a very intense, VERY long labor and Krisha was by my side every minute. I vomited with very contraction for 15 hours straight, to the point of dehydration. Krisha knew what to do at every step of the way, when to call the midwife to get an IV going, when to spoon feed me honey to get some food in my system, when to put me in another position for the next contraction. She was there. I remember her following behind me to the bathroom as I crawled on my hands and knees like a child cause I couldn’t bear to stand up right. She wasn’t only there for me but she was there for my husband. Telling him it was okay to take a nap and reassuring him that he would not miss the birth of his first child if he went to the bathroom at that very moment. She was there all 40 times when I was ready to cave and go to the hospital. She was there reminding me that was not what I wanted, that my body could do this, that I could do it. She was right. I did it. She was there to literally hold me in her arms as I birthed my son. Thank you”
Denton, Texas

Photo by: Chaunva Lecompte Photography

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